Rave On Snow steht für die einmalige Kombination aus einer atemberaubenden Kulisse, Wintersport und satten Bässen.
Beginn: 14.12.2023 3:00PM
Ende: 2023-12-17:00.000
Schulstraße 1


Besides the usual police checks after the festival, there are many other reasons to travel to RaveOnSnow with other guests in the festival bus. Our partner Flash Festivalbus will bring you safely and relaxed to RaveOnSnow and back.

08:30 STUTTGART - 85 € | 08:30 NÜRNBERG - 78 € | 09:30 ULM - 85 € | 10:00 INGOLSTADT - 78 € | 10:20 PFAFFENHOFEN - 78 € | 10:45 AUGSBURG - 78 € | 12:00 MÜNCHEN - 78 € | 12:45 ROSENHEIM - 72 € | 13:45 SALZBURG - 60 €

07:30 REGENSBURG - 78 € | 09:00 NÜRNBERG - 78 € | 10:00 INGOLSTADT - 78 € | 12:00 MÜNCHEN - 78 € | 12:45 ROSENHEIM - 72 € | 13:45 SALZBURG - 60 €


Take the train to Zell am See (Austria) and then it is a 30 min drive with the Postbus Line 260 to Saalbach.



Fly to Salzburg, then take the Postbus (Linie 260) or Holiday Shuttle.


Fly to Munich and take the RaveOnSnow Festivalbus.


RaveOnSnow & Saalbach: that's love. Anyone who knows Saalbach, also knows why. It's the mix of the tried and tested and always something new. Look forward to our Main Stage, the Schattberg Gipfel Party, the legendary Tiefgarage, the Stadl and of course our RaveOnSnow Clubs. 12 locations and therefore 12 reasons to celebrate RaveOnSnow and discover Saalbach. This unique setup is stylishly framed by a tranquil, beautiful place, deeply snow-covered mountains and 270 kilometers of the most beautiful slopes.

The Schattberg tickets can only be obtained in connection with the Rave On Snow Weekend or the Weekend + Thursday Pass. If you only have a day ticket for Saturday, you can celebrate with us at Hinterhag Alm, Soul House or hope for one of the remaining tickets for the Schattberg.

If it were up to us, no, but somehow you have to get to the mountain and that costs the usual mountain/valley fare of 27€. If you want to go to the slopes anyway and buy a ski pass, you can of course celebrate with us. You can reach the Hinterhag Alm either with the tower lift 6er for a measly 9€ or simply on foot.

For safety reasons, the pure up & down tickets are limited. The downhill ride can become a problem here when thousands rush towards the mountain station during a change in the weather. Understandable. Together with Bergbahnen Saalbach, we have defined a ticket contingent to ensure safety on the Schattberg summit. This contingent can also be purchased in advance on site. If you want to secure your ticket in time, you can already buy it on Thursday from 13:00 and on Friday from 11:00 at the Schattberg Xpress valley station.

No. The ski passes can be bought in different scales at the lift stations in Saalbach.

This year all festival locations are again in Saalbach. Our shuttles / nightliners drive from Jausern via Saalbach to Hinterglemm / Lengau.

You will find the box office / ribbon exchange in the center of Saalbach - directly opposite the town hall (near Castello). The box office is open on Thursday from 15:00. On Friday it is open from 12:00 - 15:00 and 17:00 to 02:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 - 12:00 and from 16:00.

You can book as many additional days as you like.

Doesn't get you anywhere, unfortunately. RaveOnSnow is from 18 years.

Yes, absolutely. There will be a ribbon check at all entrances.

Of course! Only please "Don't Drink & Ride" The ski passes are available at all lift stations in Saalbach & Hinterglemm.

Until 22.12. the discounted pre-season prices apply.

E-tickets must be exchanged for wristbands at the ticket booths in the center of Saalbach - directly opposite the town hall (near Castello). If you book / have booked a RoS package with hotel, the wristband is ready for you in the hotel.